About Gary Israelsohn

Gary has been practicing Osteopathy for over fifteen years. In that time, he's seen an incredible number of conditions and injuries and is extremely confident in treating all parts of the body. He has a special interest in treating long-term tendon injuries that have failed to respond to other conservative treatments. Combining Osteopathic hands-on treatment with shockwave therapy, Gary loves seeing patients be able to enjoy an active lifestyle pain-free!

Shockwave Therapy and Osteopathy

By |2021-10-21T15:13:39+11:00October 21st, 2021|Newsletters|

The medical field has had several advances in recent years, like new medicines, therapies, and medical tools. One such advancement is the use of Radial shockwave therapy in the treatment for tendon injuries. Using an EMS Swiss Dolorclast Radial Shockwave machine, high-intensity sound pulses are directed directly to the injured tissues, tendon, muscles, and bone, invoking [...]

Dry Needling and Osteopathy

By |2021-10-14T12:55:41+11:00October 14th, 2021|Dry Needling|

Have you ever experienced pain so intense that it felt like your muscles were tearing? Have you ever complained about on-going muscle tightness, that just never seems to ease? This is  what many people with muscular pain experience on a regular basis.  Luckily, there are treatments available for this type of pain, such as dry needling [...]

Staying Healthy During Lockdown – An Osteopath Approach

By |2021-10-07T13:46:24+11:00October 4th, 2021|Injury Rehabilitation, Osteopathy, Towards Wellness|

Staying healthy during lockdown has proved to be challenging for some. And as Melbourne's lockdown restrictions drag on for longer and longer. We are seeing more and more people suffering from the same pain and irritation. Shoulder pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, and postural pain are just a few of the conditions we are seeing. [...]

Osteopathic Treatment for Sports Injury Management

By |2021-09-29T15:00:10+10:00September 29th, 2021|Injury Rehabilitation, Osteopathy|

Sports injuries are common. They can be very painful. Time-consuming to recover from.  And worst of all prevents you from playing your desired sport. Injuries generally occur when your body can no longer tolerate the load it is put under. Ultimately it breaks down. Osteopathy helps the body's natural ability to heal itself, by restoring its [...]

Finding an Osteopath Near You

By |2021-09-22T01:43:54+10:00September 17th, 2021|Osteopathy|

Finding An Osteopath Near You! Are you struggling with Back Pain? Headaches or Shoulder Pain? Perhaps you are feeling stiff and sore after spending too many hours working from home? Our Glen Iris Osteopaths are here to help you! What is Osteopathy? Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that aims to [...]

Osteopathic Treatment for Upper Back Pain Relief

By |2021-09-17T00:58:06+10:00September 14th, 2021|Back Pain, Osteopathy, Postural Issues|

Can Osteopathic Treatment Help Upper Back Pain Relief? Upper back pain can be debilitating. Stiffness, muscle spasm, headaches and pain are all common symptoms.  There are many treatments and other modalities that provide ineffective treatment for back pain. That is, they only provide temporary relief. Osteopaths believe that pain is the body's way of communicating that [...]

Top 5 Tips To Prevent Gym Injuries

By |2021-09-08T00:43:06+10:00August 16th, 2021|Active Lifestyle & Gym Soreness|

Top 5 Tips To Prevent Gym Injuries It’s easy to stop going to the gym, especially during a pandemic, and so much harder to get back into it if after a long break. Maybe you’re on your way to recovering from an injury, or maybe you lost your way for some time. Whatever it is, here [...]

Our Top Home Based Snow Exercises

By |2021-09-08T00:43:06+10:00June 22nd, 2021|Active Lifestyle & Gym Soreness, Towards Wellness|

Our Top Home-Based Snow Exercises!         Well, Winter is finally here. The days are colder, longer and the skies are a little greyer. This can mean only 1 thing SNOW SEASON IS HERE!! . Here are our top home-based snow exercises to level up your enjoyment on the Victorian ski fields this [...]

Pain-Free Ride. Find Out How!

By |2021-09-08T00:55:15+10:00June 1st, 2021|Active Lifestyle & Gym Soreness, Injury Rehabilitation, Osteopathy|

We are all looking for that pain-free ride. It doesn't matter if you ride Beach Rd, Kew Boulevard or just roll around the various parks and paths Melbourne has to offer. If you are in pain or you feel your body is holding you back, it’s frustrating and will impact your enjoyment on the bike. [...]