Pregnancy Related Pain

Pregnancy pain in Glen Iris

Common Pregnancy Related Pain

  • Back and Hip Pain

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Rib Pain

  • Breastfeeding related pain. Often neck and shoulder.

  • Sciatica – Pain down the back of your leg

One of the most common conditions we see in our pregnant patients, is pelvic girdle pain. Which is not surprising, as it affects around 20% of women during their pregnancies. As your body makes changes to allow room for your growing baby, sprains and strains are an unfortunate side effect for some. Rest assured there is SO much that can be done with Osteopathic hands on treatment.

To make treatment more comfortable, we have a “Pregnancy Pillow” which allows our pregnant mums to lie on their stomach when necessary.

Don’t let pain take away from the joy of being pregnant.  It’s time to pick up the phone and ask us for help. 

We Are Not Just About Getting Rid Of Your Pain. We Are About Improving Your Life!

Your journey to better health and wellbeing starts with you making the decision to get help and that help is the Osteopaths, right here in Glen Iris at Equilibrium Sports and Spinal Clinic. So pick up the phone and call reception or click the BOOK ONLINE button for our simple online booking platform – it takes no more than 90 seconds.

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