Treatment for Pregnancy

Falling pregnant should be one of the most exciting times a couple can experience. But for some,  it can also be a long and painful 9 months. Some aspects are uncontrollable – like morning sickness,  frequent bathroom breaks and broken nights sleep. But help is available for the pain you may experience as you carry out your daily routine – albeit sleep deprived.

Common pregnancy related pain and injuries we treat:


  • Back and Hip Pain

  • Headaches and Shoulder pain


  • Rib Pain

  • Pelvic and Pubic Symphysis Pain

  • Breastfeeding related pain – Often Neck and shoulder and low back

  • Sciatica – Pain down the back of your legs


  1. Our manual treatment techniques can help ease the stress your body is under taking 
  2. We choose specific technique to ensure you are getting the best possible care and the best possible outcomes  
  3. Pregnancy Pillow: Allows you to lie on your tummy comfortably, knowing your baby is safe. 
  4. FREE creche: Goodlife Glen Iris has an onsite creche. This allows the friendly staff to look after your other children, while we take care of you.

Many pregnant women enjoy Osteopathic treatment sessions while they are pregnant as it generally reduces pain improves mobility and allows them to fully enjoy the wonders of building a family.

Our innovative treatments involve:

  • Initially a comprehensive case history is taken to identify if there are any contributing factors to your current pain and dysfunction. This also helps establish a diagnosis to formulate a treatment and management plan

  • In a majority of cases you will experience a reduction in pain and intensity of your symptoms following your hands on treatment

  • Your therapist will provide you with a treatment and management plan this is specific to you, and safe to engage in whist pregnant

Feel better! Move better!! Be better!!!

Start enjoying your pregnancy PAIN FREE, today


What’s next?

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