Falling pregnant should be one of the most exciting times a couple can experience. But for some,  it can also be a long and painful 9 months.

Some aspects are uncontrollable – like morning sickness or frequent bathroom breaks, but help is available for the musculoskeletal pain you may encounter. Back pain, Pelvic pain, rib pain coccyx pain and cramping are all very common and can be well managed. Osteopathic treatment undertaken whilst your are pregnant, is safe, gentle  and  can help you fully enjoy the wonders of building a family. Whilst you are pregnant your body naturally undergoes major changes. Your Equilibrium Sports and Spinal  Osteopath understands these changes and will guide you through each trimester, helping you along the way as your body makes the necessary adjustments. Manual treatment can help ease the stress these changes may place on your body. Along with our specific technique choice, we also provide safe and effective exercises to ensure you are as strong as possible going into labour.

Some say going through labour is like running a Marathon, and the experience will no doubt place an enormous amount of strain on the mother. She does not only have to recover from this stress, but also now has to prepare from the physical demands of caring for her new born. Breast feeding, reaching in and out of a cots, lifting prams in and out of cars, fighting with bassinets, and all while trying to function on reduced sleep- its a tough ask.

Take advantage of Equilibrium Sports and Spinal Clinic “FREE CRECHE OFFER” and let the wonderful staff at the Goodlife creche take care of your baby while we take care of you. Gently easing muscle pain, correcting posture, relieving back pain caused from breast feeding or heavy prams, we strive to help you return to normality quickly, safely and effectively so you can enjoy the important things in life, that is your new family.