Dr Tori Cherry – Osteopath

Tori takes pride in the fact that her job helps increase the quality of people’s lives. She assists people to return to activities they have had trouble with, such as: sleeping through the night without waking in pain, reaching up to the high cupboard or tying up shoe laces without grimacing; but most importantly being able to live an active life with their families, in the gym and socially among friends. Osteopathy is more than just her profession, it is the way she lives her own day-to-day life.

Tori’s career highlight was working with a rowing Paralympian with multiple sclerosis. Throughout her career Tori has travelled to San Diego to work with a renowned exercise physiologists, Paul Chek at the C.H.E.K institute and is always on the quest to further her skills and knowledge, attending courses and seminars with other manual therapist all over Australia.

Her aim is to help assist the fastest recovery possible. This is a thorough process and involves an in-depth history taking and examination. This allows her to ascertain what exactly is required to help provide the optimal conditions for recovery.

She uses a variety of techniques and will choose the ones that best suit your body and condition. She always explains what she is going to do and ask for your consent or feedback.

Tori appreciates that everyone has different demands on their body. At the end of each treatment she takes pride and ensures all her patient’s understand their treatment and management plans. She will always educate you with what is occurring, your Do’s and Dont’s so your recovery is a quick and safe as possible . She believes in simple, easy and practical exercises and stretches, integrating these into her treatment plans, thereby helping you to treat yourself.

When she’s not treating you can find Tori training hard in the gym preparing for her next fitness model competition, in the kitchen dabbling with new recipes or at her family home with her horses.