Osteopaths in Australia complete a 5 year full time double degree (RMIT University and Victorian University).

To begin with your therapist will take a detailed case history outlining your problem. There may be some questions which you may not think are quite relevant, but gathering as much information about your history – regardless of how long ago it may have happened, are all part of piecing together your dysfunction which is UNIQUE to you.

At Equilibrium, your therapist will take time out to learn about your body and your specific problems, arriving at a diagnosis and structuring a treatment plan that involves “YOU”. We place you and your needs first, working together to achieve a positive outcome from treatment – striving for Equilibrium long into the future.

Yes please. Where possible bring in all your relevant medical images, documents or reports. These may be MRI’s CT scans or Ultrasounds or a letter from your doctor. These will all help in accurately diagnosing and treating your problem.

No, but a booking is essential. This allows our therapists to devote their undivided attention to you, and you alone. We dont believe in treating multiple people at the same time.

Yes, If you have extra’s cover Equilibrium Sports and Spinal Clinic has a HICAPS terminal which allows you to claim instantly from your private health insurance. In some circumstances you may qualify for rebates via Medicare. This is something that needs to be spoken about with your doctor.

Comfortable clothes are best. In some cases you may be asked to remove your outer layer of clothes. This gives your therapist the ability to see exactly how your body moves without any distortion of clothes, helping to identify exactly where your problem may lie.

This allows for a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan to be established. If you have any concerns about this, speak to your therapist and they will endeavour to make your experience and comfortable as possible.

Equilibrium Sports and Spinal clinic knows how busy life can get with a family. We understand your time is valuable, and sometimes it may be hard to get care for your young children, while we care for you. Taking this into consideration, Goodlife Health Club has a creche on site for your convenience, and we as a clinic will cover the costs of the creche session.

This allows you to relax knowing your children are well taken care of, and you can focus on getting back to full health. You will need to comply with all of Goodlife Health Club creche rules and regulations. For more information about these please speak to Goodlife Health Club reception.