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Our Osteopaths treat pain, injuries & headaches with Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Shockwave Therapy & Remedial Massage in Glen Iris, Malvern & Hawthorn
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                equi·lib·ri·um : a state or sense of steadiness and proper orientation of the body.

Equilibrium Sports and Spinal Clinic was established to create an environment promoting and encouraging individuals to seek better health and wellbeing in their everyday lives with the assistance of Osteopathy, Myotherapy and Remedial Massage. Located within the Goodlife Glen Iris facility, our Osteopath’s and Myotherapist’s pride themselves on professionalism, excellence and expertise, delivering the highest quality healthcare to you and your family.

We will help restore your natural EQUILIBRIUM for balanced, stable and optimal health, so you can enjoy life to it fullest..

Feel better! Get better!! Be better!!!

*Initial consultation only.