Back pain! We’ve all had it. So what can I do?

OK, Im sure most, if not all of us have experienced some form of back pain in our life. The stats tell us it’s about 80-85% of us.  Yes back pain is horrible. Yes back pain stops us immediately.  And yes back pain can be debilitating in the short term. But the good news is, usually it is not long lasting, and  there is A LOT we can do to help treat and prevent the reoccurrence of your back pain. Generally speaking it’s the small joints of our spine – these help us move around or our shock absorbers – the discs – that get irritated or inflamed when we experience back pain. There is of course also the muscles, ligaments and various other structures in our back which can also cause pain.

The key point to remember is that, generally back pain does get better and is not long lasting. As painful as your back seems to be now, we often see it fully resolving without any long term damage.


Generally speaking NO. In the majority of cases it will NOT give us any useful information and may complicate your healing process.


So so many things. But things like lifting with poor technique ( bending and twisting) weak muscles, poor posture, prolonged periods of sitting / standing are just some of the contributing factors. Bending over to do your shoelaces or sneezing is rarely the main cause. The slow build up of life stress, and repetitive actions with poor technique and posture will contribute to your back pain -resulting in that ‘straw that breaks the camels back” type event.

So what can be done? 

Back pain

Try to keep moving and undertake your regular activities where possible, but with reduced intensity. Walking is great, gentle mobility exercises such as the ones in the video below may help, or if your a swimmer try get back into to water. The key factor is reduced intensity – and if your pain or symptoms increase, stop.  Limiting your aggravating activities such as long periods sitting or standing time to 20 mins will also aid in recovery. Basically movement is good. Finding the movement that relieves your pain and symptoms is also a good idea. For some its arching backwards, other find knees to chest help’s. But try and find YOUR movement patterns that reduces your pain and symptoms.

Activity is a far better approach to take. We have found that movement has far better outcomes, when compared with traditional rest.


What Treatment is available for Back pain?

Booking in to see one of our Osteopaths in Glen Iris is a great idea. We pride ourselves on only giving you the very best of care. Striving to get you back doing the things you love, safely and effectively.  Always guiding and evolving our treatments as you improve.  Using gentle hands on techniques and mobility exercises, coupled with home based exercises, we reduce the severity of your pain and discomfort quickly. Once your are moving better, usually around 3-10 days time, we get more advanced, tailoring a specific rehabilitation program just for you and your injury. We want to see you back living your life to the fullest – pain free.

By the time you leave the treatment room you will no doubt be moving with greater freedom. But more importantly, armed with strategies and exercises for long term health and wellbeing.

 At Equilibrium Sports and Spinal clinic we really thrive on helping Glen Iris locals who suffer with back pain. Our Osteopaths service Malvern, Glen Iris Ashburton, Hawthorn and CaulfieldBook online today, and let us help you turn your back pain into a thing of the past.

Any Questions?

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