Osteopathic Treatment For Hip Pain

Osteopathic Treatment For Hip Pain

Millions of people suffer from hip pain and don’t know how to get relief. Hip pain can be incredibly debilitating and frustrating. It can make it hard to do the things you love or even get through your day-to-day routine.

Poor movement control, posture, exercise, lower back or knee injury can change the lumbopelvic biomechanics. This affects how the hip is used and can cause hip pain.

Our osteopathic treatment may be able to help you find relief from your hip pain. We’ll examine your lower back and lower limb movement to try and determine the source of your pain. Our hands on treatment sessions in conjunction with a home based strengthening and mobility programme, we can help manage the underlying cause.


Common causes of hip pain

  • Overuse Injuries of the hip joint.
  • Hip bursitis is a common complaint among patients.
  • Hip pain could result from lumbar spine or sacroiliac joint pain ( Referred Pain)
  • You may be suffering from osteoarthritis symptoms.
  • Pregnant women may be suffering from pelvic girdle pain. 

Symptoms of hip pain

In addition to localised pain when sitting on a rigid surface or lying on the affected hip, swelling, warmth, increased pain with movement or at night, and limited hip movement may also occur.  

Osteopathic Treatment For Hip Pain

What is the best doctor to see for hip pain?

An osteopathic doctor. Osteopathic doctors treat the entire body, including the joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, using a holistic approach. This whole-body approach is what sets osteopathy apart from other disciplines. Osteopaths recognise the interconnected nature of the human body and strive to treat the underlying cause of your condition. This method extends the benefits of osteopathic treatment beyond symptom relief and aids in preventing or reducing recurring conditions.

Osteopathy has been shown to benefit the circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems. While treatment outcomes vary, people frequently report significant improvements in their movement, mobility, and overall health and well-being.


Signs that you should see an osteopath regarding hip pain?

  • When you’re putting all of your weight on one side of your hip or limping to avoid hip pain.
  • When sitting causes your hip pain.
  • When moving, the joint has a “grabbing” sensation.
  • Stiffness of the hip flexors.
  • Clicking in the hip joint.
  • Tenderness in the hip flexors.
  • A pain referred from the thigh, groin, knee, or glutes.
  • Muscle spasms in the thighs or hips.
  • A sensation of pain within the joint.
  • Pregnancy-related issues.
  • Pain lying on the hip at night.


Osteopath hip alignment

An osteopath’s goal is to determine the cause and then treat the hip and possibly the rest of the body – feet, knee, glutes and lower back.

We treat hip pain holistically as osteopaths because it affects all aspects of your movement. We primarily address hip discomfort with various techniques, including soft tissue release to decompress the hips and increase movement in the lower back.

The primary goal is to improve motion of the symptomatic hip through soft tissue release and hip traction, as well as to increase low back mobility. We strive to release the muscles and tendons, try reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and allow painless movement.

Our osteopaths can design a treatment plan that considers your entire musculoskeletal system,. Other body systems, such as the circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems, are also addressed because they all play essential roles in healing.

Osteopathic Treatment For Hip Pain

Benefits of osteopathic treatment for hip pain

In most cases, osteopathic treatment will reduce symptomatic pain and discomfort. This has the potential to have a significant impact on other aspects of your health and lifestyle.

The following benefits may result from getting rid of pain:

  • There will be an improvement in body function, flexibility, and mobility.
  • Muscle tension and stress levels are reduced.
  • You will experience an overall improvement in health and well-being.
  • A deeper, more restful sleep cycle that is not interrupted by pain.
  • Improved energy levels allow you to function more effectively at work, at home, and in your leisure activities.


Final thoughts on Osteopathic Treatment For Hip Pain

Given that various factors can cause hip problems, an accurate diagnosis is required for effective treatment. 

It is essential to address the lower back, knee, ankle, and foot with all the hip complaints to see why you are experiencing hip problems. It’s possible that the problem lies elsewhere and isn’t truly from the hip. Pain in the hip caused by a tendon, however, requires specific strengthening to provide a long-term solution.

It is also beneficial to have a thorough case history to identify the factors that may predispose you to hip pain and know how to prevent it from occurring, whether through a change in posture or activities.


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