Stop Tennis Elbow Pain

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  What Is Causing My Tennis Elbow? Tennis Elbow It may surprise you, that you don't need to play tennis to suffer from Tennis Elbow. It is an extremely common and frustrating injury, that can affect every aspect of your daily life.  Everything from trouble opening jars or turning keys to holding a cup [...]

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What Is Good Posture?

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WHAT IS GOOD POSTURE? Good posture is vital in the ongoing management of low back pain and neck pain. Osteopaths often prescribe specific exercises for you to perform to help with your back or neck problem. However, many patients forget that we need to maintain our posture in everyday life and their pain reoccurs. Those with [...]

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Neck And Shoulder Tightness!

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Neck And Shoulder Tightness! Are you constantly complaining about neck and shoulder Tightness?  Do you constantly ask your partner for a massage? Or find yourself constantly rubbing your neck and shoulders?   We all know how it feels. It feels like you constantly have a weight on your shoulders. And for some of us, there is the [...]

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Is Knee Pain Impacting Your Running?

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Knee pain? Hip Pain? Ankle Pain? As a runner one of the most frustrating things on earth is getting an injury that not only stops you from enjoying your running but also causes your hard-earned progress to go backward. And for most of us, we decide to run through the pain until it eventually gets worse [...]

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