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Wrist & Hand Pain

Is hand Pain slowing you down?

Our wrists and hands are some of our most complicated body parts. With so many small bones, joints and ligaments, coupled with the amount of use they endure. It’s no wonder that we end up with pain. 

Our Osteopaths are all passionate about helping you regain your health and wellness as fast and as possible. We manage your injury with care and an in-depth understanding about how to get you back living your life pain free.  You will receive specific advice and the appropriate treatment and management for your condition. Seeking early treatment allows our patients to avoid the complications that some patients experience when they delay seeking treatment for their wrist and hand pain.

Manage Your Wrist & Hand Pain with Equilibrium

How Osteopathy can help with wrist & Hand pain?

Looking for relief from wrist and hand pain?
We may have the solution for you. Our skilled practitioners can help you find relief and get you back to your everyday life.


Dry Needling

Shockwave Therapy

Injury Rehabilitation

Movement Screen Analysis

More Information About Your Wrist & Hand Pain

What can you do about wrist & hand pain?

Wrist and hand pain is a common problem. But you don’t have to live with it! With the right solutions, you can get relief and do things that make you happy again. Check out the videos below!

Let the Equilibrium Sports and Spinal Clinic team guide you back to doing the things you love!

The Osteopath’s at Equilibrium Sports and Spinal Clinic in Glen Iris are highly trained to identify the leading cause of your wrist and hand pain and implement a specific and effective treatment programme to get you back on your feet quicker. Simply call (03) 9822 1900 or book an appointment below.

At Equilibrium Sports and Spinal Clinic:

We don’t believe in providing you with a “recipe” for your injury management. You are unique, just like your injury and therefore require techniques and a management plan that is specific to you.

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Feeling Better with Osteopathy

Don’t Put Up With Your Pain Longer Than You Need To

Reach out today, and let the Osteopaths at Equilibrium Sports and Spinal Clinic help you!