Exercise Rehabilitation

Unfortunately injuries do occur, they are a natural part of an active lifestyle. But its how we address our recovery that will determine our level of function after the injury has occurred. Rehabilitation is the process to regain full function following injury. It  involves restoring strength, flexibility, endurance and power back to our body. Rehabilitation is as important as treatment following an injury but unfortunately is often overlooked.

The staff at Equilibrium Sports and Spinal clinic in Glen Iris are highly trained to assess your weakness following an injury or surgical procedure and develop a rehabilitation plan to get you back to full function as quickly and safely as possible. Used in conjunction with hands on therapy (if required), each programme is tailored specifically to you as the individual, and progresses as you regain your health, strength and return to normal function. We work as a team in constant communication with your other therapists, be they Orthopaedic surgeon, Personal Trainer or General Practitioner. We have one goal in mind – your complete health and restoring your bodies Equilibrium.

knee pain glen irisGlen Iris patient performing rehabilitation exercisesCore Stability exercise near hawthorn

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Our Innovative Exercise Rehabilitation Programs involve:

  • Initially a comprehensive case history is taken so we can fully understand YOU and your injury. This will help us formulate a UNIQUE treatment and management plan.

  • Having access to the state of the art Glen Iris Goodlife Gym, we only prescribe the latest and most relevant exercises.

  • We constantly challenge, progress and update your program as you move towards better health and well-being.

People choose Equilibrium Sports and Spinal clinic for rehabilitation because:

  1. We have access to the Glen Iris Goodlife Gym, a state of the art, multi-million dollar facility. 
  2. Our team are constantly learning, providing you with only the latest and most effective Rehabilitation Exercises. 
  3. 1 on 1 Sessions. Always giving you 100% of our attention and focus.

Our therapist’s are highly skilled in developing programs for:

  • Following ACL Reconstruction

  • Following Rotator Cuff repair

  • Shoulder Dislocations

  • Ankle Sprains / Strains

  • Following Hip Surgery

  • Elbow / Wrist / Hand Pain (RSI) Injuries

  • Arthritis & Joint pain

  • Low Back Pain – Core Stability

  • Tendonitis