Movement Screen Analysis

Our Osteopaths have a passion for the body and the way in which it moves. It is with this passion in mind that Equilibrium Sports and Spinal Osteopath’s are frequently  assessing our patients movements patterns. If we can identify an area of weakness, we have a greater chance of reducing the likelihood of injury and dysfunction. By avoiding provocative movements patterns, and engaging in strengthening exercises, our patients are able to move through life with more confidence, improved function and overall sense of wellbeing,

Glen Iris assessment of movement

Our Osteopaths Genuinely Care

At Equilibrium Sports and Spinal clinic we focus on helping you achieve optimal health and wellbeing. This means you don’t need to be in pain to attend our clinic. Our FREE movement screen analysis allows us to identify your area’s of weakness or dysfunction and provides strategies to combat these deficiencies. We want you to achieve and maintain and optimal state of health and wellbeing.

What if you ARE in pain?

If you are currently experiencing pain, this movement screen in conjunction with a full Osteopathic assessment, allows us to identify the main cause of your pain. We will provide you with a clear understanding as to WHY you are experiencing pain, and provide advice on how best to treat it. There is NO obligation to undertake treatment. But we are more than happy for you to undertake a treatment plan, should you choose to.

Your Movement Screen Analysis is completely FREE! 

What is involved in the Movement Screen Analysis?

  • We incorporate a number of tests from the best movement screens available,  to create our unique movement based assessment

  • We assess you as a whole unit. Looking at mobility, flexibility, strength, weakness, stability and control.

  • We ensure you leave with a clear understanding of your body, its limitations and strength’s

Osteopath Glen Iris

We aim to identify:

  • Tight, Stiff or Restricted Joints

  • Weakness in your body

  • Motor Control Problems

  • Postural Issues

  • Instability Problems

  • Range of motion deficiencies

  • Muscular Imbalances

  • Your Strengths

  • Identify WHY you are in pain

Start feeling better today!