Postural Issues

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, correct posture seems to be last thing on everyone’s mind. But poor posture can lead to a myriad of dysfunctions. Sadly, not nearly enough of us prioritise posture in our everyday life.

Sleeping posture, posture whilst driving, posture at your work station, gym posture… all are vital when it comes to assessing you and your body. These factors are often overlooked when considering pain and dysfunction. Which is why the staff at Equilibrium Glen Iris are so passionate about it.

During your first visit to Equilibrium Sports and Spinal clinic, your therapist will take a detailed case history encompassing all aspect of your life, as well as a thorough physical exam and hands on treatment. Our staff will ensure you are clear on exactly what is causing your pain and the proposed treatment plan. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and leave no stone unturned when trying to find the cause of your problems.