Neck and back pain treatment

Treatment for Postural Pain

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, correct posture seems to be last thing on everyone’s mind. But poor posture can lead to a myriad of dysfunctions. Sadly, not nearly enough of us prioritise posture in our everyday life. When you attend the Equilibrium Sports and Spinal clinic in Glen Iris, we take an indepth look at the various area’s of your life posture plays an important role. These Include:

  • Sleeping posture
  • Driving position
  • Desk Ergonomics
  • Posture while at the gym
  • Neck position whilst texting.

Common postural complaints we treat:

  • Low back, neck and shoulder pain

  • Joint sprains and strains


  • Ligament strains and sprains – tendonitis


  • Spinal and disc related problems

  • Elbow and Wrist pain – Such as  Tennis Elbow or  Carpal Tunnel

  • Muscular Imbalances

neck pain


  1. We will always give you 100% of our attention, NEVER treating another person at the same time
  2. We aim identify the CAUSE of your problem and target treatment accordingly, not just treating the symptoms
  3. We will make sure you fully understand whats going on, in language you understand, using techniques you are comfortable with


Our innovative treatments involve:

  • Looking at you as an individual, rather than just giving you the same “recipe” type treatment other therapists may

  • We analyse your posture in ALL facets of your life. From your sleeping position to your car seat to your desk set up and more.

  • We ensure you have a greater understanding of your injury and the knowledge of how to better manage your condition, through stretching, mobility and strengthening where appropriate

Feel better! Move better!! Be better!!!

Don’t let your poor posture continue effecting your life any longer. BOOK IN today and let us guide you to a better wellbeing.

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