Treatment for Shin Splints

Shin Splints is the common term for Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS). It is an injury caused by overuse and “doing too much too soon”. In these cases we see an inflammatory reaction to the periosteum of the tibia (the outer covering of the bone). It is more common for those participating in high impact activities such as running, jumping or football.

What causes shin splints?

Shin splints are caused by overstraining of your muscles where they attach to your shinbone. Generally we see the most common cause is overuse or over training in association with poor foot and lower limb biomechanics. In these cases we see the muscles of the lower limb placed under more stress than they are able to cope with, resulting in their inability to function properly, and dysfunction occurs

Factors that may predispose an individual at an increase risk of developing shin splints are:

  • Over pronation/ Supination of your feet

  • Increasing your training load too quickly – too much too soon

  • Running on hard or angled surfaces

  • Muscular tightness – Calve’s Hamstrings etc


  • Weakness in lower limb muscles ( Quadriceps / Hamstrings / Calf )

  • Inappropriate or old / damaged footwear

Signs and Symptoms of Shin Splints:

  • An Ache or pain along the border of your shinbone (inside and outside)

  • The area is tender to touch along the bone and muscle

  • The overlying skin may be red and inflamed

  • The pain may be felt before, during or after running


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  2. We aim to reduce your pain, whilst giving you strategies to ensure long lasting pain relief.
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Our innovative treatments involve:

  • Initially a comprehensive case history is taken to ensure we know exactly what is going on. This helps us establish a diagnosis and formulate a treatment and management plan specific to YOU.

  • Generally you will experience a reduction in pain and intensity of your symptoms following your hands on treatment session.

  • You will leave with a greater understanding of your injury, with a clear pathway and strategies to help manage your condition.

Feel better! Move better!! Run better!!!

We will help restore your natural equilibrium for balanced, stable, optimal health, so you can enjoy life to it fullest.

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