Headaches are one of the most common problems affecting our population. And date back as far as 1500BC!  According to the Australian Bureau Of Statistics in 1995 approximately 15% of the population were taking medication for headaches. 

So often we see patients waking each and every morning with a headache!  Stiffness, tightness,nausea and pain are all common complaints. With so many automatically reaching for Panadol or Nurofen when a headache strikes. The sad part is, most know this is only a temporary fix.  Only serving to dull the pain slightly, to have the headache return a few hours later?

Headaches can be frustrating, debilitating and affect your ability to carry out simple everyday tasks.

Malven Headache Treatment

So why then do so many of us accept this as the norm?  

Do you suffer from headaches all the time? Sudden or reoccurring headaches could be a sign that something is seriously wrong!! You don’t have to suffer from headaches any longer, help is just around the corner! We have delivered thousands of headache treatments in Glen Iris Over the last 15 years.


What are the 4 Types of Headaches:

There are so many different types of headaches. But the 4 most common types are:

Tension  Headache:

These types of headaches are some of the most common. Often described as being a tightness at the back of the head or neck and the feeling of tension around your head as if it is in a  “vice ”, or as if you were wearing a headband that was too tight.  Symptoms are sporadic and eased with medication, stretching or a quiet dark room – you most likely fall into the episodic category. But if you are taking medication on a daily basis with minimal relief and the pain persistent and frequent – you find yourself falling into the chronic category. These headaches can be associated with an increase in stress levels, anxiety, fatigue or anger.  And just like the other headache types, intensity and severity differ for each individual. 

Cluster Headaches:

Generally considered the most painful of any headache. Cluster headaches as their name suggests come in groups of headaches. They are characterized by periods in which they attack. Each attack can last minutes to hours, with the patient experiencing 1-4 per day.  But then enjoy periods of complete remission.  The onset of pain is quick and provides no warming. The pain is almost always one-sided and often described as a searing stabbing and piercing pain or like the feeling of a hot poker in the eye or through the head. So you can see why they have aptly been nicknamed Suicide headaches


Classic Migraine with an  Aura

This is generally quite a severe pain that is associated with or without an aura.  An Aura is a common precursor to a migraine whereby the individual is pre-warned about the onset of a migraine. This aura can take the form of speech problems or as a visual disturbance such as flashing lights, blind spots or a halo around objects. Not all migraine will be associated with an aura (classified as Migraine – No Aura). The pain may be described as throbbing or pounding around the forehead, eyes, back of head, or temples. It may remain on one side of the head or swap side’s for each attack and may be associated with nausea,  vomiting, and the individual experiencing sensitivity to light and sound. The frequency and severity of these headaches will differ for each individual. We are still unsure as to what causes these attacks- but we are aware of a number of various “triggers.” More about these later! 

Sinus Headaches:

These types of headaches can often feel like the individual has an infection of the sinuses. Pain is generally a pressure feeling around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead. The pain is often made worse by bending forward or lying down. There can also be an ache in the upper teeth. Often people who think they have a sinus headache, actually have a Migraine. As the symptoms of the 2 headaches often overlap. These sinus headaches can last up to 2 weeks,



Weird and Worrying Causes of Headaches:

It is important to note that the severity of a headache is NOT a good indication of his potential dangers. Low-grade persistent headaches can be as dangerous as the sudden and severe type and should be investigated fully.


Pain Medication:

back pain

Ever considered the fact your pain medication may be CAUSING your headache? Yes, that right, the very little pill that was meant to cure the headaches, maybe the cause of your headache. 

Medication overuse can result in what we call a “Rebound headache”. Gives you a headache just thinking about it! A great reason to seek treatment that allows you to STOP the need for pain medication.


Splashing on your favorite perfume, gorging on red wine or nibbling blue cheese may sound like a dream, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare for some. For some, this is a guaranteed one-way ticket to a splitting headache.

Food or strong smells might be triggering your headaches. The hard part is identifying WHICH food and smells are responsible. A headache diary can help narrow this down. migraine-triggers-icons-set-vector-15331229


Your hormones might be working against you! Headaches can be related to hormone fluctuations. So that time of the month for women can become the trigger for their migraines and headaches. We often see our female patients suffering the most in the days just before or during their cycle. So action needs to be taken around this time to prepare the body to cope as best as possible.


When Should You Be Concerned About a Headache?

There are also times we need to consider a trip to the emergency department. A sudden, severe onset of a headache, commonly known as a THUNDERCLAP headache.

Generally speaking – the worse headache of your life. These seem to come out of nowhere, but may be after exertion such as heavy lifting, or may wake you from your sleep. This could be an aneurysm. So seek help immediately!

A headache that changes signs and symptoms is also never a good thing. If it’s combined with a stiff neck and fever this could be a sign of meningitis. You need to get to the Emergency department straight away.

Have you tried different headache treatments but nothing seems to work? 

Are you stuck on the treatment merry-go-round?  Seeing different therapists and drowning in pain medication. Only to end up back at the beginning, having wasted time money and energy? Not to mention another trip to another therapist claiming to be able to help! 

Have you given up? Thinking ‘this is life’? Do you find yourself grumpy, irritated, or just plain miserable?

We have treated just about every type of headache with great success. Our difference is YOU. We don’t treat your headache we treat YOU. We love what we do! In fact, the greatest pleasure we get is hearing those words…. “I’ve been headache-free for the first time in a long time” This is what we work for!

We succeed where others have failed. Chronic, complex, and persistent headaches are what we love to .

We help people like you. People who need answers and want results!!

Equilibrium SAS helps with headache

As frustrating as headaches are there is so much that can be done to help.

So if you have been feeling:

  • Frustrated with treatments that didn’t work?
  • Exhausted from having to deal with pain day in and day out?
  • Confused by different therapists out there who say they can cure you?

Let us help you.

If you want to start feeling better TODAY, call us on (03) 9822 1900. We have treated thousands of people just like you who have changed their life with our help.

Why waste time online researching? Take the next step and let’s say goodbye to your headaches together. 

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Not sure if we can help??? Our Osteopaths in Glen Iris love working with headaches. We see patients from Malvern, Glen Iris, Caulfield, Ashburton and Hawthorn.

And if you have a headache after reading this…… Im SORRY!! 


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