The dangers of prolonged sitting!

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Sitting is pretty much unavoidable in today’s society. Getting too and from work, your office,  watching our children participate in sport, and even our down time, sitting on the couch or meeting a friend at a cafe,  we are sitting now more than ever. At our clinic in Glen Iris we see the effects of sitting [...]

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Social Wellness

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Social Wellness is our ability to maintain healthy, supportive relationships with other people. Social Wellness is necessary for your well-being and longevity. Good friends contribute to your health and well-being. Spending time with friends is fun, but it may also yield a multitude of long-term physical and emotional health benefits. Studies show that healthy relationships make ageing more [...]

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Tips for Training

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Eating a balanced amount of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) is essential. Know what you are eating and how much. Fresh is always better. Don’t forget to provide your body with extra protein after each workout as this is essential for the muscle repair process. And don’t forget to hydrate. Your muscle require hydration for optimal [...]

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What can help you feel more energized during the day, improve your mood and all it requires is for you to close your eyes?  Sleep! The body repairs and regenerates during sleep. Even calcium is added to bones while you slumber. Getting adequate sleep is the best way to help your mind and body function at its [...]

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