1. It takes care of the whole body

Joseph Pilates designed his program as a way to uniformly develop strength, mobility and flexibility of the whole body, mind and soul. He understood that through a physical fitness program the balance of all these things. He believed it would lead to a well aligned, pain-free, highly functioning and overall, very happy human being. “When all your muscles are properly developed you will perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure”.

2. Pilates can take you from rehab to really awesome!

The progressive nature of the this system and its extensive repertoire of exercises means that no matter your level of ability or fitness a Pilates program is suitable for you. From the most basic rehab to the most challenging and dynamic strength workouts, and everything in between. Real Pilates will make you really awesome bringing you more strength, mobility, confidence and joy in life.

3. It can be applied to all your daily activities

You will sit and also walk taller, move with more fluidity and grace and have an enduring strength that can help with all kinds of manual and physical tasks. The deep understanding and awareness of your own body that is developed through a Pilates program is immediately applicable to all your daily activities.

4. Pilates contributes to your happiness and mental-wellbeing

Concentration and Breath are two major components of a Pilates workout. These also happen to be the fundamental components of an effective meditation practice. Before the recent trend in ‘mindful movement’ Joseph Pilates was effectively incorporating these elements into his method of daily movement practice. One of his most famous quotes says it all, “Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness”.

5. It is all about you

Our partners at 7th Avenue Fitness have an individual focus and will tailor your training to your fitness needs!