Acute or sudden onset of neck pain is no walk in the park. And just about all of us have experienced it at some point. Which means we all know how debilitating and frustrating it can be. Waking up, should be a refreshing time of your day, instead you are left with a neck that wont turn, maybe a headache and some sharp pain. We often find that it seems to come out of no-where. But if we dig a little deeper we find it’s usually a build up of a few different things.

Where is my neck pain coming from?

First, we need to understand that our neck is a highly mobile area, and hence can be very susceptible to injury. The structures in your neck that can cause your pain are:

  • The small joints known as  “Facet joints”
  • The spinal muscles that support and move our neck.neck pain
  • Nerves and Discs in our neck.
  • Referred pain from the upper back. 

The above is by no means a full list, but are, what we see as the most common area’s that cause neck pain. We also add in trauma – like a car accident which can result in Whiplash. This is a more serious cause and can result in damage to all of the above structures.

What can cause my neck pain?

In short, it can be a multiple of different things. Of course if you are involved in a car accident or a fall – and this results in neck pain – we know what the cause it. But what about the neck pain that seems to come out of nowhere? Our Osteopaths like to say is a caused by LIFE. By this we mean, it’s not one thing that causes your pain, but rather a combination of various aspect of your lifestyle that lead to you developing pain. Aspects of your life such as: 

  • Your posture work or in the car. 
  • Your Pillow and Mattress.
  • The technique with lifting weights, or even your children!
  • Your neck position while on your phone or tablet
  • Dehydration
  • The way you sit on the couch at the end of the day.

These aspects of your life can all lead to you developing sudden acute neck pain. It’s also the reason we always take an in-depth look at YOU, assessing all aspects of your life and lifestyle when treating your neck pain.

What Can I do to help myself? 

Addressing these various aspects of your life and routine will all help. Things to think about:

  • Ensuring your desk and work is ergonomically set up for you. ( Feel free to email us and we can send you a very informative flyer which outlines exactly how to do this)
  • Ensuring your pillow is giving you adequate support at night.
  • Ensure you are well hydrated.
  • Ensure correct lifting technique at the gym or exercise class – and where possible with your children.
  • Stretch. As per the video below here are 2 great stretches you can do easily while seated at your desk or at home. 

How long will my neck pain last?

This is the multi-million dollar question. Everyone is different. Everyone heals at a different rates. And everyone has different thresholds of pain. But generally speaking with some hands on Osteopathic treatment such as specifically targeted soft tissue work, gentle manipulation (where indicated and always with your consent) and neck mobilisation, and possibly some supportive tape. We can help improve your limited movement and reduce your pain. We often see our patients feel much better within 5-7 days. After this we can start to develop long lasting strategies, such as strengthening exercises and postural awareness exercises to help reduce the likelihood of a re-occurrence. neck pain

At Equilibrium Sports and Spinal clinic we thrive on helping Glen Iris locals who are suffering with neck pain. Our Osteopaths service Malvern, Glen Iris, Ashburton, Hawthorn and Caulfield. Book online today, and let us help you turn your neck pain  into a thing of the past! 

Any Questions?

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