Is Working From Home Causing Pain?

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Glen Iris and Ashburton locals. Is working from home causing pain? Are you a Glen Iris or Ashburton local working from home? Are you suffering Back Pain. Neck pain. Shoulder pain. Are you feeling stiff in your back and hips? Rest assured you are not alone. But rather you sound like one of the many many [...]

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5 GREAT REASONS TO DO PILATES 1. It takes care of the whole body Joseph Pilates designed his program as a way to uniformly develop strength, mobility and flexibility of the whole body, mind and soul. He understood that through a physical fitness program the balance of all these things. He believed it would lead to [...]


Return to gym and avoid injury

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Getting back into the gym and avoiding injury after Coronavirus Isolation Before we pick up the dumbbells once again, we might need to be cautious. During the pandemic, many of us have been more sedentary. When we exercise less, our physical condition declines, which may increase the risk of injury. So how can we return to [...]

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Muscle strains

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Muscle Strains? What should I do next? “I think I just tore my hamstring!?” If you are anything like me, you utter this sentence quite regularly. Below, we explore the factors that need to be considered when dealing with muscle strains. The importance of resting an injury and not rushing back to play sports is paramount. [...]

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