Achilles Pain

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Achilles Tendon Pain: Summer in Melbourne. It's BBQs, cricket, beaches, and Thongs. But for some its Achilles pain, Plantar Fascia pain, foot, and ankle pain. So what can be done? What Is My Achilles tendon? Your Achilles tendon is the big thick tendon that connects your calf ( this is the muscle of the lower leg, [...]

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Does Running Cause Joint Pain?

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With the Melbourne Marathon been and run we have seen a number of clients reporting joint pain that they believe is due to their running program. The question we have been asked a number of times this week is, Is running bad for my joints?” A simple and straight forward question with not so much of [...]

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Shoulder Pain & Tendinopathy.

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 So you are experiencing shoulder pain. I'm sad to say you are NOT alone. There are so many of our patients who experience shoulder pain on a daily basis. As a result they are left frustrated with trying to complete simple tasks. Brushing your hair, using your mouse, or even putting on your seat belt. So [...]

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Can Weak Gluteals Cause Back Pain?

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Back Pain so where can the pain be coming from? To put in simply, there are 4 main areas in your lower back that cause your pain: joints, discs, nerve roots, and the muscles. Tight and shortened muscles in the hips (gluteals, hip flexors or quadriceps) or lower limb (hamstrings) may place extra pressure on your [...]

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