Cupping Therapy

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Cupping Therapy is an ancient technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which has been adopted by many other practitioners including Myotherapist’s. The main goal for Cupping is to enhance circulation, help relieve pain and tightness and increases blood flow to the chosen area which in turn helps to flush out toxins that have built up in the muscle. 

Cupping technique involves placing plastic cups on specific areas of the body. A manual hand pump is applied to the cup allowing the air to be sucked out. This suction effect causes the underlying tissue to become raised, or sucked, partway into the cup. It also causes a mobilisation of blood to the surface of the skin, promoting healing. This manual hand pump allows the practitioner to directly adjust the intensity levels of suction -tailoring each treatment to the specific needs of the patient. The level of suction allows each cup to be moved from one site to another on the skin to produce a massage like effect. Following a Cupping session, a deep bruise may be present for a few days – a direct cause of the increase blood flow. Cupping has been know to effect the bodies tissue up to four inches deep.

Brooke Robertson, Equilibrium’s Myotherapist has undertaken extensive study in the Cupping technique and has recently introduced it to new and old clients at Equilibrium Sports and Spinal in Glen Iris. Brooke uses cupping in conjunction with dry needling, trigger point therapy and soft tissues massage in her treatments.

Cupping has been known to help improve conditions such as :

Migraine and Headaches

Back and neck pain

Tight and Sore muscles

Sporting Injuries

Brooke has seen a dramatic improvement in her clients return from injury when cupping is used in conjunction with her other treatment modalities ( dry needling, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy) 

If you have any questions or feel you may benefit from Cupping Therapy please feel free to contact Brooke at

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