Located in Glen Iris, we are surrounded by a number of great schools in Malvern, Ashburton and Hawthorn. We therefore see many of our patients attending these schools. Many parents often hear their school children complaining of a back pain, aching knees, sore feet, headaches and painful shoulders – however with the busy lives we all lead there never seems to be time to get your child checked over to see what the problem actually is. The fact is, many childhood aches and pains can be easily identified and corrected with modification of activity programs, simple exercises and stretches or a correctly fitted back pack.

With the school holidays upon us, and the new school year just a few short weeks away, now is the perfect time to get a thorough check up and rehabilitation program started for you child. Equilibrium Sports and Spinal is offering all school students the opportunity to have a FREE postural assessment or Injury Analysis .

To arrange your session, click HERE  or call 9500 2030 and book your child’s FREE pre-assessment.