Heres a quick routine to improve your lower back stiffness and tightness:

Our lower backs are very susceptible to compression and load with the increase amount of time we spend sitting. Getting too and from work, at work on the couch at home. It’s a lot. If left unchecked lower back stiffness and tightness may lead to more complicated pain. Preventing you from enjoying your life. 

Try this quick mobility series to improve your lower back flexibility and stretch out those tight lower back muscles. 

If you sit in an office all day, try and perform this at lunch time. Repeating the movement 5-10 times.

If you experience any sharp pain, try and reduce the range of motion you are taking the body through. This gentle mobility series should result in you feeling more mobile, with less lower back stiffness and tightness. 

Try adding this to your pre work out warm up routine, or as part of your morning routine along with your usual walk. 

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