Dry Needling

Tight painful irritable muscles? Dry needling techniques have been used for many years to help reduce  and pain and release the  tension  associated with this type of dysfunction.

Dry needling treatment involves inserting an extremely fine “acupuncture” needle into a “trigger point” or muscle knot. The aim of this technique is to reduce the pain and irritation caused by this hyperirritable spot within the muscle. Active trigger points have been shown to cause pain, both local and referred (specific referral pathways and reduce joint range of motion..  The use of the acupuncture needle is the only aspect of dry needling which is similar to acupuncture. While acupuncture aims to restore energy flow or “Qi” within the body, dry needling directly treats the neuromuscular system, this reduces these painful symptoms of the active trigger points quickly and efficiently, allowing our patients to return to full function faster. The staff at Equilibrium have all undertaken postgraduate studies to perform Dry Needling, and as with any technique will always gain your consent before undertaking this treatment technique.

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