Social Wellness is our ability to maintain healthy, supportive relationships with other people. Social Wellness is necessary for your well-being and longevity. Good friends contribute to your health and well-being. Spending time with friends is fun, but it may also yield a multitude of long-term physical and emotional health benefits. Studies show that healthy relationships make ageing more enjoyable, lessen grief, and provide camaraderie to help you reach personal goals, among other things.  People are social animals and we need to maintain supportive social relationships. That doesn’t mean just sitting in front of the television together,  it means sharing a coffee, getting out into nature for some fresh air and exercise – be it a walk or a run ( release those endorphins), laugh often ( the Melbourne comedy festival is on at the moment, get out into the sun. A dose of Vitamin D is great for the mind and body! But dont forget about your emotional health.  Take time out for yourself, relax, unwind meditate, and focus on your personal goals.