LET’S DO THIS! Getting back into an exercise routine after the Holiday Season.

Indulgence, plenty of parties and plenty of food to go around… if you are anything like me then we have both overindulged this holiday season. This can make it difficult to stay on track with our diet and exercise routine. If you’ve been overdoing it throughout the holidays and like myself trying to get back into your healthy daily regime, good for you! At Equilibrium, we have compiled our top five smart, sensible and helpful tips to help you get back on track post-holiday season. 


It is natural for our bodies to decondition after a break from exercise, regardless of how intense our previous workouts were. When you do get back into exercise, remember not to push yourself too hard as this can lead to injury. Instead, start slowly, eventually increasing the duration and intensity of your workouts as you progress. Carving out just thirty minutes of gentle exercise a day will give you the energy you need to get on with the rest of your day, plus help set the tone for exercising on a regular basis again. 

  1. DRINK MORE WATER Exercise

Staying hydrated is key for optimal metabolism and it can actually help to curb your appetite. As our bodies are made up to around 60% of water, it makes sense to drink a minimum of 2 to 2.5-litres per day. Water helps flush excess sodium from the body, aids in de-bloating, and also helps to get things moving in our digestive systems to relieve constipation. 



Setting a series of attainable and realistic goals will help keep up your motivation and momentum towards a healthy lifestyle. Either write down your goals using pen and paper or use a fitness app like My Fitness Pal. 


Unless you write it down, it isn’t real. Schedule your workouts just like you would anything in life that you wouldn’t want to miss. Use the calendar app on your smartphone or write it down on your kitchen calendar. The point is, pick a time and don’t cancel on yourself. This is your time to spend on you so why let yourself down? 



Note how your body is feeling once you begin exercising and to always respect its limits. If you experience any pain or strain, then stop exercising and seek our advice before starting again. Inappropriate management of injuries can lead to further injuries which may be more severe and require longer recovery time.






If you need further help with addressing your niggles, aches, and pains before you start your 2020 fitness regime, feel free to ask us for our help. We will ensure you are setting yourself up to succeed. 

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