Ankle sprains, rolled ankles, inversion injuries are some of the most common ankle injuries we seen our clinic. And too many of us are putting up with pain, swelling and limping for too long for no good reason. Im sure you’ve experienced it before. Your walking down the street laughing with your friends, then BAM you roll your ankle. And then the justification comes… “Ive got weak ankles, and….. this always happens” This needs to STOP now.

Ankle Sprains

There is so much we can do to prevent these ankle sprains. And the problem is, the more often you roll the ankle, the more likely you are to roll it again. Each time you sprain your roll the ankle, you weaken the supporting ligaments and impact the muscles and tendons. The looser the ankle complex becomes the more susceptible it becomes to repeat trauma.

So what can be done for my Ankle Sprains.

The secret to stopping your ankle from rolling, is re-training your body. You need to develop strength and balance. These are generally not the most exciting exercises to perform, but they WORK. And if we can avoid the injury turning into a long term problem, thats a win for everyone. Here are 2 great and simple exercises you can complete to regain this lost strength and stability. 

Do I need a scan?:

Most of the time the answer to this is NO. There is a specific set of guidelines we follow known as the Ottawa Ankle Rule when determining the need for an X-ray. What is essential is an  accurate diagnosis. In some cases a simple ankle sprain is not so simple and requires a more complex approach, and at worse surgical intervention. We call these High Ankle sprains.

The Dreaded “R” word.

YES, Rehabilitation is essential. Now I’m not talking 30-45mins of boring exercises.  Im asking for 3-5mins of you life, 3 times a week. It’s amazing how much of an impact these 3-5mins can have. And the best part is your need ZERO equipment.

If we can strengthen the muscles around the foot and ankle, and  we can re-sensitise your balance receptors, we can improve your ankle stability. This means less time on the side lines, less time limping around and certainly will give you greater confidence in your high heels.

Examples of some Rehabilitation Exercises:

1: Calf raise – Supported

2: Single Leg Calf raise

3: Clock face Toe Touches 

4: Running Man- As per Video

5: Running Man with strength – End stage

6: Clock Face hoping – As per  Video

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