What do Osteopath’s Do?

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One of the most common questions we get asked as Osteopath’s is “what do you do?” So I’ll try and break it down and make it as simple as possible. Let’s start at the beginning, our University Training. As Osteopath's we all need to undertake a 5 year university degree covering all aspects of Anatomy, Physiology, [...]

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Long Term Tendon Injury? Shockwave Therapy may be the Answer

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Are you suffering with a long Term Tendon Injury? Have you been suffering with an ongoing and chronic tendon injury? Injuries like Plantar fasciitis Lateral Hip pain Tennis elbow Frozen shoulder? Have you tried cortisone but it only seemed to work for 1 week? Are you now considering surgery? Then you NEED to keep reading! Shockwave [...]

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Acute neck Pain… OUCH!

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Acute or sudden onset of neck pain is no walk in the park. And just about all of us have experienced it at some point. Which means we all know how debilitating and frustrating it can be. Waking up, should be a refreshing time of your day, instead you are left with a neck that wont [...]

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Ankle Sprains..Ouch.. Again!

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Ankle sprains, rolled ankles, inversion injuries are some of the most common ankle injuries we seen our clinic. And too many of us are putting up with pain, swelling and limping for too long for no good reason. Im sure you’ve experienced it before. Your walking down the street laughing with your friends, then BAM you [...]

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