A Message From Your Osteopath – Keep Moving this Christmas


If your anything like our osteopath team, the Christmas holiday period is usually a fun, but busy time of the year.

It can also be an extremely indulgent time where health and fitness may not be our top priority. We tend to squeeze in multiple social events which cause us to eat and drink more and often get a lot less sleep. Added to this are the crazy deadlines we put on ourselves to get things done before Christmas and the New Year.

Unfortunately, all of this means it can be a stressful and/or exhausting period on the body in many ways.

Our osteopath has listed our best tips to help you survive the upcoming holiday season.


Keep Moving!


As an Osteopath, our best advice would be to go for a walk or do some physical activity and make it a regular part of your holiday period. Enjoy the fine weather or at least use daylight saving to add some exercise at the end of your day. There is nothing better than an early morning stretching session or yoga routine with a fresh view or a beach to yourself! A change of scenery can give that extra boost you need!


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Be Mindful of Your Posture

Watch your spine when either lugging heavy gifts around at the shops or when stooped over wrapping all those presents. This is also really important with long car drives!   As osteopaths, we see pain associated with lifting and prolonged postures all day every day. Your best posture is your next posture. osteopath

Listen to your body for any warning signs that may indicate you have an injury; such as reduced range of motion, stiffness, pain, or soreness. 

And if you are in pain or already managing an injury, avoid the mad dash to get your house perfect before relatives arrive. It is no use having it glowing when you are in agony! 

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Everything In Moderation

Just because it’s Christmas does not mean you have to challenge Santa’s diet! Try to remember everything in moderatio


n. According to Nutrition Australia we put on an average of 0.8-1.5kg over the Christmas period. It can take weeks just to shed those kilos; not a great start to the New Year.

And yes, that means alcohol! 

Make an alcohol deal with yourself! Don’t have any more than you would have had normally if it wasn’t Christmas. Alcohol dehydrates you and has vast negative effects on your health and wellbeing. Balance each glass with a glass of water or herbal tea.


Manage Your Mental Health


Anxiety, depression, and stress are very common during the festive season. Reflect on the success you had this year, not your perceived misgivings. Use the time to set your goals for the New Year, and remember to make them achievable. Reach out to friends or family if you are struggling. We know this time of year can be particularly tough for some. If you need help ASK!


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Get Enough Sleep

Break up your events by planning some early nights in and commit to your sleep routine. And if you’re like us Osteopaths, we LOVE ourSleep pillow. And no matter how good the hotel pillow menu is. It’s just not the same as my own pillow. Especially for those of us who have a sensitive neck or are prone to headaches. Knowing I’m going to get a good night’s sleep on the pillow is essential. A little tougher if you’re flying somewhere. But can certainly be done! 

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Wear The Right Footwear

Suddenly breaking out those thongs ( We LOVE our Archies– plus they make a great stocking filler) , sandals and other such unsupportive footwear can play havoc with feet, knees, hips and backs.  Add to that, lots more standing around at parties and it can be a recipe for disaster. As Osteopaths we see pain associated with poor footwear choices all day. So do your body a favour, and opt for more comfortable supportive footwear while on your break

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Know Your Limits

Be mindful of enthusiastically testing out new presents or demonstrating how to do something to the kids, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve ridden a bike or a skateboard or bowled a cricket ball (or if you have been partaking in alcohol)! Don’t ruin your holidays by getting injured.


Take-Home Message…

Our Osteopath team wants you to have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday period. Have fun and enjoy your time with your family, BUT NOT at the expense of your body. A few extra minutes in the car, a bit of extra planning will have you talking about your holidays for all the RIGHT reasons. Rather than it being “that” disastrous holiday that no one wants to remember! 


Any Questions?

Feel free to email us at i[email protected] . if you have any specific questions about your specific type of headache.

Take ACTION now… and Book an appointment – Give your body a great start to the holiday period. 

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